Resin Incense - Lodgepole Pine - Size #2 (Coarse)

Resin Incense - Lodgepole Pine - Size #2 (Coarse)

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Lodgepole pine

Pinus Contorta

- Pine Resin - (Coarse)

Our coarse size, gives you alittle more control over the amount of smoke produced. 

Commonly used as incense, pine resin can be burned on a coal for a smokey sweet and mild aroma. Great for use in a thurible or the less smokey approach of a candle incense burner. Burn alone, or combine with other incense resins for a meditative combination. 

It has been used to heal, to balance and clear energies, and for fertility, compassion and mental strength

Wild Harvest Vancouver Island pine resin. 

Low-impact harvesting


Fun facts

The Shore Pine (var. contorta)

The Shore Pine Is a smaller tree; unlike most pines, they grow in wet soil.