About Us

Saperior Pine Salve on Vancouver Island

Saperior Creations was born out of the backwoods of Vancouver Island.

Inspired by the endless possibilities and sustainability of pine resin, we sought out to create our first product, the original Pine Salve.

As avid outdoors people and west coast city-dwellers, we're always on the look out for multi-purpose and effective tools. We value items we can carry every day that hold their weight when we decide to go on a spontaneous adventure after work (read: instead of work).

That's why when developing our pocket salve, we wanted to create something as useful for every day as well as out in the bush. So whether you catch us having a cold one on a sunny patio or hiking the Juan De Fuca, we never leave home without our Pine Salve.

Saperior Pine Salve and adventurer overlooking the ocean.


Saperior is dedicated to creating products that are as natural as possible. All locally sourced ingredients and without the use of any chemicals. Our products are carefully prepared by hand in small batches to ensure you receive the best possible results.