Resin Incense - Lodgepole Pine - Size #1 (Fine powder)

Resin Incense - Lodgepole Pine - Size #1 (Fine powder)

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Lodgepole pine

Pinus Contorta

- Pine Resin - (Fine)

Our fine size, gives you much more control over the amount of smoke produced. Can also be used when making your own cone incense.

Commonly used as incense, pine resin can be burned on a coal for a smokey sweet and mild aroma. Great for use in a thurible or the less smokey approach of a candle incense burner. Burn alone, or combine with other incense resins for a meditative combination. 

It has been used to heal, to balance and clear energies, and for fertility, compassion and mental strength

Wild Harvest Vancouver Island pine resin. 

Low-impact harvesting