Pine Resin Infused Firestarter
Pine Resin Infused Firestarter
Pine Resin Infused Firestarter

Pine Resin Infused Firestarter

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This new release is something we have been working on for quite some time now. Pine resin has been such a fascinating material to work with, the possibilities seem endless of what Pine resin can be used for! One of the most intriguing properties of pine resin has to be its flammability. Pine resin on its own is an incredible fire starter and is always something to be sought after in bushcraft and other outdoor recreations. 


How to use:

Open your new fire starter tin. Your 2oz tin is packed with 25g of pine resin infuse material, which when lit will begin to slowly start to burn until fully lit. At this point, you should have 30+ seconds of a hot burning flame. Your time will entirely depend on the size of the piece you use. Larger pieces burn for longer periods of time. That being said it is recommended to start with a pea-size portion for your first test.  Having small dry materials ready beforehand with greatly raise your chances of a successful fire in all fire building situations. Each t


Building your fire: 

There are hundreds of different ways and techniques to build a fire. One way to get started is by building a flat platform for your material to sit on which creates a dry, flammable surface for your tinder to live. One layer is a good start, multilayer techniques are useful as well. Once you have a dry platform, and dry tinder material such and sticks, dry grasses, cedar bark, old man's beard, etc., you can begin to build the rest of your fire set up. Create a nest with your dry materials on top of your platform and take a piece of your Pine Resin Infused Firestarter and place it in the center of your nest. Size is up to you, larger pieces burn for longer periods. Smaller pieces do have long burn times averaging 1 min and 30 seconds for a size similar to a pea. Use your lighter to then ignite the firestarter. Allow your fire starter to become fully lit before added more tinder and smaller sticks. With your dry, slightly larger sticks, you can begin feeding your fire once it has started to burn consistently with the smaller sticks. At this point, you need to ensure to watch and encourage the fire to continue to burn. This may take a bit of practice, but the more you do the more confidence you will gain.


Grab some fire rope to make the perfect pair.



We would love to see your pictures and videos of how you use our fire starter. Tag us or send them our way.