Fire Rope Plugs
Fire Rope Plugs

Fire Rope Plugs

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Infused hemp rope, great for taking a spark. 

 Multi-strand rope can be broken apart into smaller strands, and aggravated with a knife to loosen the fibers. Once the fibers are exposed, they will easily take a spark from a Ferro rod or ignite with a lighter.

Weather resistance is a nice little bonus. If the rope gets wet it easily dries and the fibers can be reexposed. 

Fire rope pairs extremely well with our Pine Resin fire starter. The rope easily ignites where the Pine Resin burns longer and hotter. The combination gives you the upper hand.

20 pack



Features & details

  • QUICK AND EASY TINDER | Each tinder firestarter rope is made of high quality, wax infused jute ropes. They instantly ignite from the sparks of ferro rods.
  • HOW IT WORKS | Unwind the braided fire rope and fray a small piece until it is very fine and fluffy. Place tip of ferro rod close, strike the rod, then watch it ignite!
  • WEATHERPROOF FIRESTARTER | Proprietary wax-infused natural hemp cord works in all weather conditions, so you can safely start a fire whenever you need it!